Namibians should celebrate achievements of the AU- President Geingob


President Hage Geingob says today Africans, including those in the Diaspora, are to celebrate the achievements of the African Union as an enduring continental body.

President Hage Geingob noted that the African continent and its people face a number of challenges, which would require collective efforts to achieve the dream of Agenda 2063 of the Africa We Want.

Namibians celebrate Founding President Nujoma's 94th birthday


Some authors say having a baby boy means you have a best friend for life. When he is small, he will be delighted to tell you all the things happening in his life, and when he grows up, he will lend you a shoulder to lean on.

Sam Nujoma has not only been a shoulder to cry on for his parents but for all those with whom he has come into contact throughout his lifetime.

It is this life that Namibians celebrated today as Nujoma turned 94 in his home village of Etunda.

Vaalgras Traditional Authority holds first cultural festival


The Vaalgras Traditional Authority held its first cultural festival after nearly three years following the outbreak of COVID-19.

The cultural festival is celebrated under the theme "In the Spirit of Recovery and Revival."

The Acting Chief of the Vaalgras Traditional Authority, Martin Biwa, called for unity among communities, which he believes will bring about prosperity and economic recovery for the community.

Bishop Limbo stresses importance of Easter weekend celebration


Bishop Benjamin Limbo has stressed the importance for Christians to celebrate Easter weekend to remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made.

Bishop Limbo, who is the president of the Zambezi Church Forum, stated that 95% of Namibians are Christians, therefore it is important to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his promise of eternal life.

Learners at Learning Right Kiddies Centre celebrate Valentine's Day


Contrary to popular belief that Valentine's Day is only for lovers, the learners at Learning Right Kiddies Center celebrated the day by showing love to one another.

Valentine's Day symbolizes love, kindness, and friendship—all the positive feelings that everyone should get nourishment from in life.

For the children and teachers at Learning Right Kiddies Center, the day was an opportunity to let those they love know how much they love and appreciate them.