Need to develop national HR database in Namibia arises


Namibia needs to consider developing a national human resources database and document citizens with the necessary qualifications and skills to take up positions at international organizations.

This is the view of a public policy analyst and international relations expert, Dr. Marius Kudumo, who says 33 years after independence, Namibia needs to increase international representation.

Namibia's quotas at international organizations such as the UN, African Union, and SADC all remain unfilled.

Namibia and Ethiopia business people scout for opportunities


Business people from Namibia and Ethiopia have started scouting for opportunities in various sectors.

The two countries have currently no direct trade but are enjoying strong historical bilateral ties.

Namibia's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Emilia Mkusa, revealed this during an exclusive interview with nbc News.

Ethiopia has a market of more than 120 million people and a strong agricultural sector that accounts for 46% of its gross domestic product.

This has attracted interest from entrepreneurs in Namibia, particularly in flower production.