Congregants commemorate resurrection of Jesus Christ in Katutura Parish


Congregants gathered at various worship houses to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of these places was Tanidare Parish in Katutura, where they assembled from five o'clock in the morning to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

The congregation had been engaged in activities since the previous week, which concluded with songs of praise.

According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world and resurrected on the third day, a Christian tradition known as Easter.

Christian faith commemorates Ascension Day


Today is Ascension Day, the Christian holiday celebrated annually, about 39 days following Easter Sunday. On this day, followers of the faith commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven.

This feast day is one of the ecumenical feasts of Christian churches, along with the celebrations of the Passion, Easter, and Pentecost. Ascension Day is generally observed on a Thursday, the forty-first day after Easter.

nbc News reporter Stefan |Uirab spoke to Apostle Nancy Ganes.