NACN encourages rural Namibians to invest in arts


A National Arts Council of Namibia board member (NACN), Emmanuel Enkara, has encouraged people living in rural areas to invest in the arts and attract tourism.

Enkara, during an advocacy session in Omuthiya, said rural areas could also attract tourism through their art.

He also advised regional arts extension officers to go out into the regions and communicate with people in their vernaculars so they could understand the opportunities that the arts can bring about.

Residents in rural areas of Oshikoto Region agitated over lack of access to water


The head of rural water supply in the Oshikoto Region, Stevenson Tuukondjele, has said people are becoming increasingly agitated over a lack of access to water and insulting them when visiting the ministry offices due to these challenges.

Tuukondjele said in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday that several people from Eengodi, Okankolo, Nehale Lyampingana, and some Omuthiya areas have a tendency to approach their offices and insult them because of the ongoing water scarcity.

Unity and peace are prerequisites for country's development- Nandi-Ndaitwah


Unity and peace are prerequisites for the development of any given country.

These were the remarks of Swapo Party Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah when she addressed a rally at Omuthiya in the Oshikoto Region.

Nandi-Ndaitwah says bringing prosperity to the people remains one of the goals of the Swapo Party.

This can only be achieved through unity, and she called on all members to rally behind the leadership that was elected at last year's party congress.

Works and Transport Ministry progresses well in expanding road network in Oshana Region


The Namibian government has completed major transport infrastructure in the Oshana Region during the 2022–23 Financial Year to create an enabling environment for economic growth and improve the country's global competitiveness.

In his State of the Region Address, Oshana Governor Elias Irimari says the Works and Transport Ministry has made commendable progress in expanding the road network in the region.