NFC, Moon Valley Films embark on location familiarisation tour


The Namibian Film Commission (NFC), in partnership with Moon Valley Films, will embark on a location familiarisation tour aimed at promoting Namibia as the perfect film destination for international films.

World-renown location managers, who play a pivotal role in the selection of filming destinations, are in Namibia on a ten-day tour to familiarise themselves with the different landscapes Namibia has to offer.

The aim was also to promote Namibia as a filming destination by providing a real-life experience.

Film industry in need of Funding


Funding has always been a challenge for the film industry's growth, and corporations reluctance to fund has stiffened the film industry.

The veteran film makers say producing a film is costly and that the Namibian Film Commission's annual budget is not even close to the amount needed to produce one. Vickson Hangula, a Namibian veteran filmmaker, urged the private sector to re-consider investment in the industry as it has huge potential to tackle the unemployment rate in the country.