Kombat residency suggested for Neu Sammorau inhabitants 


Otavi Constituency Councillor George !Garab says a portion of the resettlement farm, Neu Sommerau, must be incorporated into Kombat Settlement.

This, he said, would allow residents on the resettlement farm to acquire proper residential plots.

!Garab says if a portion of Neu Sommerau is made part of Kombat, residents can build proper houses through programmes such as Build Together.

Drought relief considered for Otavi Constituency farmers pushed to townlands 


The Otavi Constituency has announced that it will start registering farmers who have been pushed to townlands with their animals to benefit from drought relief food.

The Regional Councillor of the Otavi Constituency, George !Garab, says this group of farmers is a special case.

Otavi is surrounded by many farms, and subsistence farmers retire, some with few animals and others with nothing, to townlands and settle in informal settlements.