Zambezi pays tribute to a gallant leader


Residents of the Zambezi Region gathered at the Katima Mulilo Sports Complex on Friday to mourn the death of the late president, Dr. Hage Geingob.

Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu expressed his condolences on behalf of the region, noting that the late president was a gallant and humble leader.

Sampofu reiterated that Geingob loved his country and joined the struggle for independence at the tender age of 27 to ensure Namibia's liberation from colonialism and change the apartheid regime to one run by the Namibian people themselves.

Katutura memorial honours late President Hage Geingob's legacy


The late President Hage Geingob was honoured at a memorial service held in Katutura, where prominent members of society, including Kanana Hishoono, a Swapo veteran, and Senior Headman Karol Afrikaaner, paid tribute to his impactful leadership and dedication to the nation. 

Hishoono reminisced about his experiences, sharing fond memories with the late president, indicating a strong bond. 

He also spoke about his role in assisting President Geingob at the time when he left the country for a life in exile.

Dinapama remembers Geingob as a beautiful soul


Dinapama Manufacturing Supplies held a candle lighting event in honour of the late Dr. Hage G. Geingob in Windhoek.

Hundeds of mourners gathered and shared scripture readings and hymns as part of remembering the late Geingob.

In condolence messages, the late president was described as a man with a beautiful soul, the one who cared for the elderly and had transformed the lives of many. 

The Managing Director of Dinapama David Namalenga says that the late Hage Geigob has inspired them to continue, as he has been there since they started Dinapama. 

Geingob credited for ensuring a functioning government


Residents of Kamanjab settlement in the Kunene Region have credited President Hage Geingob with championing a functioning government and preventing the collapse of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They shared their sentiments during a Kamanjab Constituency memorial service in Geingob's honour.

Kamanjab Village Council Deputy Chairperson, Abiole Karunga, says Geingob leaves behind a void that can't be filled.

Late Geingob advocated for inclusivity - Masubia TA


The Masubia Traditional Authority noted that the late President Geingob advocated for inclusivity and gave assurance that everyone matters.

The Senior Councillor of the Masubia Authority, Ngambela Albius Kamwi, says a commitment to an inclusive society is crucial in a diverse society, a legacy that former President Geingob will be remembered and honoured for.

Mashi Nfumu says late Geingob lived an ordinary life 


Mashi  Nfumu Joseph Tembwe Mayuni in the Zambezi Region says his community feels a dark cloud has befallen on them and is yet to come to terms with the death of the late president Geingob.

Nfumu Mayuni made the remarks at the Mashi Traditional Authority's memorial service for the late head of state.

Mayuni said Dr. Geingob lived like an ordinary person, despite his status.

He noted that the late President could laugh when he found people laughing and could dance, if he found the community dancing.

Geingob hailed for promoting decent work


The late President Hage Geingob has been praised for supporting labour matters at a memorial service held in his honour by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation. 

Dr. Geingob, they say, contributed immensely to labour matters, such as the minimum wage for domestic workers in the Harembee Prosperity Plan II.

"He assumed office in 2019 by declaring that no Namibian should feel left out, and his priorities were to tackle social and economic disparities that exist in Namibia and poverty enequalities."

Namibian High Commission in Zambia honour President Geingob


The Namibian High Commission in Zambia has continued to play host to all manner of activities in honour of the late President Hage Geingob.

This has put the nbc local media crew on its toes, chasing after these solemn efforts worth sharing.

It's been almost 34 years since he last resided here in Lusaka, Zambia, but the fruits of his stay and labour are nearly everywhere.

His contemporaries keep emerging. They all want their grief and loss heard loudly.

President Geingob built unshaken public service foundation 


National Council members and government executive directors expressed their deepest sympathies and offered their support to the Geingo family during their time of mourning.

This was done during scheduled visits to Casa Rosalia.

Victoria Kauma, Vice Chairperson of the National Council, conveyed a heartfelt message of condolence on behalf of the members of the MPs to Monica Geingos, the children, and the family at their residence.

The government's executive directors also paid their respects and offered condolences to the Geingo family.

United Nations urged Namibians to emulate Geingob's values


The United Nations in Namibia has expressed deep sadness at the death of President Hage Geingob and highlighted that they stood, just as Geingob did, for the values of human rights, social justice, and the well-being of the Namibian people.

Hopolang Phororo, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Namibia, praised Geingob's leadership and vision for the country.

She emphasised the UN's commitment to continue working with Namibia to achieve the goals and aspirations that President Geingob had set for the country.