Connect Africa app well received by individuals with disabilities


Connect Africa, a mobile and web application designed to empower individuals with disabilities, has been well received.

The app was launched two years ago and, so far, has more than 150 subscribers.

In an interview with nbc News, Connect Africa Founder Timoteus Nangombe says the app empowers visually and hearing-impaired people to access information on their own.

INTERVIEW | Youth Connekt Africa Summit


The 6th Youth Connekt Africa Summit is currently in full swing in Nairobi, Kenya, marking a significant gathering focused on youth leadership and innovation for Africa's integration.

This year's summit has garnered unprecedented attention, with over 16,000 young participants, making it the most attended in its history.

More than 30 ministers from across the continent are present, engaging in a'minister's steering committee' to strategize on elevating the summit's impact in the future.

Namibia and Ethiopia business people scout for opportunities


Business people from Namibia and Ethiopia have started scouting for opportunities in various sectors.

The two countries have currently no direct trade but are enjoying strong historical bilateral ties.

Namibia's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Emilia Mkusa, revealed this during an exclusive interview with nbc News.

Ethiopia has a market of more than 120 million people and a strong agricultural sector that accounts for 46% of its gross domestic product.

This has attracted interest from entrepreneurs in Namibia, particularly in flower production.

Attorney Mbandeka dismisses AR's claim


Attorney General Festus Mbandeka dismissed AR Leader Dr Job Amupanda's claims when quizzed on the allegations that they, as respondents, are pursuing an agenda to deliberately delay the case to drain him financially.

Mbandeka, in a telephonic conversation with nbc News, says anyone, including Dr Amupanda, is at liberty to seek relief in the High Court if aggrieved.

Hazardous conditions at JTD Mining Group attract authorities


The Erongo Governor has called for the closure of the JTD Mining Group as the working environment is not conducive for employees and could pose a health hazard.

When the nbc News team arrived at the mine, they found local workers crowded into tiny rooms with one window.

However, their Chinese colleagues are living in proper accommodations, much better than their Namibian counterparts.

Okahandja losing its status


Okahandja, once known as the Garden Town, seems to be losing its status.

In recent years, heaps of domestic refuse have been piling up in residential areas, particularly in informal settlements.

The town, a gateway to most parts of Namibia, has also been grappling with service delivery due to infighting between politicians and administrators.

A visit by the nbc News crew to Okahandja has shown little to no change, as we observed heaps of uncollected waste a stone's throw away from dwellings where children often play.

B1 shopping complex in Katutura an eyesore


The B1 City shopping complex, dubbed "The People's Mall," is in a deplorable state of decay.

The construction of this shopping complex has been riddled with drama from the get-go, starting with the questionable sale of the land on which it was built, to investors pulling out halfway through the construction phase.

The project was stalled with no eagerness to finalise it.

But several years into it being operational, it is an eyesore for shoppers and passers-by.