BoN paid out N$ 85,9 million through its SME Economic Recovery Loan Scheme

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has so far paid out N$ 85,9 million to SMEs through its SME Economic Recovery Loan Scheme. 
The Scheme is designed to support SMEs in an effort to promote economic recovery. 

The Central Bank says the SME Economic Recovery Loan Scheme is a much-needed boost that has created employment opportunities for Namibians who would have otherwise been jobless in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical storms. 

Navachab Gold Mine to donate N$1,5 million to SMEs in Karibib, Otjimbingwe and Usakos

The Navachab Gold Mine will provide N$1,5 million to SMEs in Karibib, Otjimbingwe and Usakos, as a way to boost sustainable development under its Golden Egg initiative. 

Launched at Karibib, the initiative will accept applications until 5 May thereafter, 30 SMEs will be shortlisted, to pitch their business ideas. 

DBN and Namibia Trade Forum enter into agreement to finance manufacturing SMEs

The Development Bank of Namibia in collaboration with the Namibia Trade Forum entered into an agreement aimed at financing Small and Medium Enterprises in the manufacturing industry. 

DBN and NTF are looking forward to enhancing the development and growth of SMEs by facilitating investment and market access. 

SMEs play a vital role in the country's economic growth through the employment opportunities they offer.

However, challenges such as lack of business training and access to finance are challenges that negatively affect their growth. 

Unemployed graduates urged not to sit idle

If you are business-minded, go for it. Do not sit idle, hoping that the government will provide a job.

Instead, use whatever you have at home and scale up as time goes by.

These are words of wisdom from Omwene-Tupopala Haitula, a 31-year-old unemployed university graduate who now runs a thriving poultry project.

Haitula runs a backyard poultry project at Lihaha village, just outside Mpungu-vlei in the Kavango West Region.