Rundu Town Council to repair roads

Mayor Gabriel Kanyanga says the pothole-filled roads at Rundu will soon be a thing of the past, as they are in the process of awarding a tender to repair them.

Kanyanga said this during a ceremony where he was re-elected as the town's first citizen.

Mayor Kanyanga assured the town's residents that the Rundu Town Council has heard their cries and will continue working on improving the road infrastructure.

Rundu TC stops Angolan informal traders from selling in town

The Rundu Town Council has stopped informal traders from Angola from selling in town.

This has left the Namibian street vendors unhappy because of transport they now have to pay to buy products from their Angolan counterparts. 

Over the years Angolan nationals have been crossing the border into Namibia with no limitation to selling their products.

The vendors would take various vegetables to their customers at designated stands.

Rundu's Tutungeni residents calls complete sewerage pipes

Some residents of the Tutungeni residential area at Rundu are calling on the Rundu Town Council to completely rehabilitate the ditches left behind after it laid sewerage pipes.

The uneven ground has blocked access to the residents' houses.

Residents claim that the problem remained unattended for the past 20 years.

They say whenever the Town Council fixes the sewer pipe, they dig but do not level the ground afterward.

The situation becomes worse during the rainy season.

Rundu residents at risk of eating contaminated freshwater fish

Rundu residents are at risk of eating contaminated freshwater fish after it was discovered that some of them are fishing in and selling fish they caught from the sewerage water.

nbc News has learned that some of the residents have been catching fish in the sewerage water at the Kaisosi settlement.

For over five years now, the sewerage pond has been overflowing, especially during the rainy seasons.

Some residents go fishing in the early or late hours to avoid being detected.

Rundu residents unhappy with NORED services

Residents of Rundu are still not happy with the services offered by NORED.

They expressed themselves at a consultation meeting, organized by the Rundu Town Council.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and the Ministry of Mines and Energy are consulting and soliciting inputs from key stakeholders on the establishment of Regional Electricity Distributors and their impact on local authorities.

Farmers unhappy with the Rundu Town Council

The Rundu Town Council has destroyed crops planted next to the sewerage pond at Kaisosi location.

The subsistence farmers are unhappy, saying they were not notified.

The subsistence farmers have been farming on the land next to the sewerage pond for almost five years.

Farmers say they derive their livelihood from these crops.

Despite the angry commotion at the scene, the council continued with its work and, in the process, destroyed some crop fields that were far from the sewerage pond.

SPYL unhappy with re-opening of Rundu Cash and Carry

The Swapo Party Youth League is dismayed by the re-opening of the Rundu Cash and Carry supermarket before a re-inspection of expired goods was carried out.

The shop was reopened following the Rundu Town Council's signaling of the green light.

A video of expired goods being handled went viral on social media.

Based on that evidence, health inspectors from Rundu Town temporarily closed the main shop after discovering more expired goods on the shelves.

The shop was closed until it could prove that it met hygiene standards.

 Directorate of Veterinary Services' offices at Rundu flooded with sewage water

The offices of the Directorate of Veterinary Services at Rundu are flooded with the sewage water.

Administrative Officer Ericah Geingos says the situation is posing a hazard and needs urgent intervention.

Geingos says the situation has been going on since July last year, but the Rundu Town Council has allegedly failed to address it.

They say sewage manholes get filled up and overflow every day due to some blockages in the area.

Sauyemwa Visually Impaired Centre calling on town council to issue them title deed

Members of the Sauyemwa Center for the Visually Impaired are calling on the Rundu Town Council to issue them a title deed for the plot on which they operate.

Established in 2008, the center provides skills training to people with visual impairments in the two Kavango regions.

The Chairperson of the Visually Impaired in the Kavango regions, John Ndara, says the center is unable to get donors to build permanent structures because they do not have proof of ownership.

Sun City Informal Settlement want compensation from Rundu Town Council

Residents of the Sun City Informal Settlement at Rundu have reiterated their demand for compensation for their crop fields the town council allegedly allocated to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

The crop fields are situated within the town boundaries, but residents claim the town encroached on their ancestral land.

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has requested the plot to upgrade the Sikandoko Primary School, which has become too small to accommodate the growing number of learners.