NAMPOWER gates attracts numbers of visitors to Ruacana Waterfalls


The Ruacana Waterfalls have attracted a number of visitors since Nampower opened two scour gates last week.

The opening of the gates was a result of significant rain received in the central and upper parts of the Kunene River catchment in Angola since the beginning of March.

The Ruacana and Epupa waterfalls, in the Omusati and Kunene regions, respectively, are the main waterfalls in the country.

The falls have been inactive since April of last year and receive few visitors.

Crime rate along the Kunene River increases


Stock theft, illegal entry into the country, and robberies rank amongst the highest daily crimes committed along the Kunene River.

As a result, residents want a police station at Otjinungua Village in the Epupa Constituency to curtail criminal activities between Namibia and Angola.

Cases of stock theft and illegal entries are said to be heightened due to the absence of gazetted entry points between Namibia and Angola's Namibe and Cunene Provinces.

Gang attacks and robberies are also showing an upward trend in the area.