The Ruacana Waterfalls have attracted a number of visitors since Nampower opened two scour gates last week.

The opening of the gates was a result of significant rain received in the central and upper parts of the Kunene River catchment in Angola since the beginning of March.

The Ruacana and Epupa waterfalls, in the Omusati and Kunene regions, respectively, are the main waterfalls in the country.

The falls have been inactive since April of last year and receive few visitors.

However, the situation changed last week, with both young and old taking the opportunity to see the natural spectacle firsthand.

The economic activities of the almost sleepy town of Ruacana come from visitors.

Among a number of visitors, we spotted 80-year-old Hentie Van Wyk from Stampriet and Wellemina Ilonga from Mariental at the falls.

"We came all the way here to see the waterfall after a friend told us about it. I can assure you that it is worth traveling thousands of kilometers to see how beautiful Namibia is. It was a pleasure to finally experience it."

"I came from Mariental just to check out the waterfall; it's very nice; it's very beautiful; I like my country, and it's my first time seeing this. I always come here when the fall is dry, but now you can see that everyone who wants to come check must come, and you are welcome," said another visitor from Mariental, Wellemina Ilomnga.

Young children from neighboring Angola also made a turn at the falls.

Nampower's Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager, Tangeni Kambangula, say, following the opening of the scour gates, the water also reached the Ruacana Hydro Power Station, assisting the power giant's largest hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 347 megawatts to generate electricity at full load.

This in turn has enabled them to supply more than 95% of the country's electricity demand, reducing Namibia's reliance on imported electricity.

The Kunene River flow has been above the 290 cubic meters required for full load operations and peaked at 928 on Sunday but reduced to 305 cubic meters on Monday.

Those who want to visit the active waterfalls can do so until the end of this month.



Ndapanda Shuuya