IMN Institute infuses smart technologies in public education

The Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture has called for a demand-driven education system.

Anna Nghipondoka says that it is high time that Namibia moves away from importing a skilled workforce.

Nghipondoka made the remarks at the launch of the IMN Technology Mentorship Institute, which aims to assist the public education sector in preparing and training competent and technologically advanced individuals who are ready to develop a competitive economy for Namibia.

Namibia, Germany cooperate to preserve historical records

The National Archives of Namibia (NAN) and the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Germany, have jointly organised a two-day workshop on the preservation, conservation of records, and restoration practices.

The workshop brought together archivists and professionals from both countries to share expertise and knowledge in the crucial field of preserving historical records.

The two countries are hoping to strengthen the preservation and conservation efforts of historical documents in Namibia and foster international cooperation.

Education Ministry explains provision of sanitary materials in schools

The Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, Anna Nghipondoka, has presented the provisions, systems, and processes designed to provide sanitary materials to underprivileged schoolgirls across schools in Namibia.

Nghipondoka pointed out that the Basic Education Act of 2020 contains explicit provisions for giving sanitary materials to girls in schools.

Over 300 students graduate at NAMCOL

Graduation is not an end in itself, but a new beginning in self-challenge.

This was the message at the Namibian College of Open Learning's (NAMCOL) graduation ceremony, where 330 students reaped the fruits of their hard work.

Students received certificates, diplomas, and degrees in sign language interpretation, local government studies, early childhood development studies, pre-primary education, and entrepreneurship.

National Literary Festival launched

The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, in collaboration with the National Library and Archives, has established a platform for 74 Namibian writers aimed at nurturing a culture of writing and reading within the country.

The two entities launched the National Literary Festival to celebrate Namibian literature, stories, creativity, and the culture of reading.

The festival's purpose is to promote authors' books and foster a love of literature and writing.

High influx of people at coastal towns puts pressure on schools

The high influx of people in the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay has put pressure on schools there despite the construction of additional classrooms and projects.

In his State of the Region Address, the Governor of the Erongo Region, Neville Andre, said during the period under review, the Directorate of Education, Art, and Culture has recorded an increase in learner enrollments from 51,942 last year to 53,538 this year.

This represents an increase of 1,596 learners.

Dispute over the construction of Ndama South School settled

The dispute over the construction of Ndama South School at Rundu is finally over.

The contractor is now on site and has started with the first phase of construction.

Kavango East Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo acknowledged that the community was not a party to the dispute but that it was rather due to an error by the Ministry of Education, Art, and Culture, which handed over the site to the contractor without the consent of the Council.

The Ndama South School is expected to decongest the junior and combined schools, which are presently accommodated on one premise.

Kunene Region Governor calls for collective synergies

The Governor of Kunene Region has implored all councils, business people, communities, and youth to participate in the opportunities and value chains being created by the new economic drivers.

Marius Sheya, who was speaking during the State of the Region Address, called for collective synergies as the region marches towards economic emancipation and creates pockets of hope for the locals.

Responsibility given to parents to safeguard children from digital realm

Enhancing the rights of the African child in the digital realm necessitates accessible and affordable internet connectivity as well as information and communication technology devices.

However, the Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp, says this advancement also exposes children to the potential violation of their rights, particularly the risk of online sexual exploitation.

Ministry of Education dismisses claim of same-sex relationships curriculum

The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture says it does not have a curriculum in which learners are taught to become homosexuals, as perceived by some segments of society.

A statement issued by the ministry's Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp, comes after representatives of faith-based organisations and some citizens have alleged that the school curriculum teaches or promotes same-sex relationships in schools.

Steenkamp says the ministry's teaching does not favour or discriminate against learners on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.