ICT Ministry rejects claims of interference at New Era

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has addressed concerns regarding the suspension of the Managing Editor at the New Era Newspaper.

In response to questions raised by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune, Dr. Mushelenga dismissed claims of political interference, stating that the suspension is handled by the corporation's board and management.

Dr. Mushelenga stressed that Namibia, known for its commitment to press freedom, operates within a framework of self-regulation and upholds journalistic standards.

Parliament wraps up 8th session

Wrapping up its 8th parliamentary session, the National Assembly closed its doors today. Lawmakers will reconvene for the next session on February 6th, 2024, marking a pause in national legislative activities until then.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, expressed heartfelt appreciation to all members for their collective journey during the eighth session. 

He extended wishes for a blessed festive season and a happy, productive 2024 to each member. 

Motion tabled to address adverse impact of hubbly bubbly

Swapo Party MP in the National Council, Richard !Gaoseb, has tabled a motion in the National Council to address the adverse impact of hubbly bubbly, also known as hooka, on the health and well-being of Namibia's youth.

The proposed debate includes exploring the negative health effects, substance analysis, and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare's role in the prevention of this practice.

!Gaoseb in his address to the National Council, is calling for urgent action.

LPM's Paul Isaak presents motion for the allocation of land

The Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Paul Isaak presented a motion for the allocation of land to address the pressing issue of housing for the urban poor and landless citizens in Namibia.

Isaak expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss this matter that touches the lives of all Namibians. 

He emphasised housing as a fundamental human right, citing the National Housing Policy and the pivotal role of the National Housing Enterprise in realising this right.

National Council MPs debate bread and butter issues

The National Council MPs debated on the second reading featuring the Appropriation Amendment Bill.

The bill solely looks at revising and reallocating resources without changing the total amount of expenditure.

MPs have commended the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises' efforts to curb excessive spending and for recognising the economic strain experienced by all Namibians.

Deaf community finds it difficult to access justice system

Swapo Member of Parliament, Kletus Karondo, says deaf people face more barriers than other citizens in accessing the criminal justice system.

Karondo contributed to a motion tabled by Deputy Minister of Disability Affairs, Alexia Manombe-Ncube, which seeks to recommend the recognition of Namibian Sign Language as a national language and the appointment of sign language interpreters for live parliamentary debates.

Planned 'Hall of Fame' for creatives and athletes gains support

The Deputy Minister of Sports, Youth, and National Services, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, has expressed support for the establishment of a Namibian Hall of Fame for creatives and athletes.

Emphasising the importance of honouring extraordinary talents in the creative and athletic sectors, the deputy minister highlighted the potential contribution to the enrichment of national heritage and pride.

MP's commends Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises'

Members of Parliament have commended the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises' efforts to curb excessive spending and for recognising the economic strain experienced by all Namibians.

MPs were contributing to the Appropriation Amendment Bill.

While commending the Finance Minister for allocating a substantial N$643 million towards the drought relief programme, National Unity Democratic Organisation President Utjiua Muinjangue underscored the critical issue of food security troubling Namibia's households.

Namibia will not sign NPA - Nandi-Ndaitwah

Namibia will not sign the New Partnership Agreement (NPA) between the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union (EU) in its current form.

Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah says interested member states and members of the EU are due to sign the agreement on November 15, but Namibia will not sign due to several prescriptive clauses.

Sign language support gains momentum

The recognition of sign language for use on public platforms, especially during national events, was recently on the agenda of the National Assembly. A motion in this regard was tabled by Alexia Manombe-Ncube, the Deputy Minister of Disability Affairs.

The House discussed the importance of designating sign language interpreters for live parliamentary debates.