Namibia's laws around inheritance described as discriminatory


The Executive Director at the Ministry of Justice, Gladice Pickering, has described Namibia's laws around inheritance as discriminatory.

Speaking on nbc's Wheels of Justice on Sunday, Pickering shared her sentiments, saying the situation is unfortunate and there is an urgent need for the revision of the Act in its entirety.

Gladice Pickering cited the Administration of Estates Act and the Native Administration Proclamation as some of the examples that are discriminatory.

It is necessary to enhance and strengthen laws deemed inadequate - Tweya


The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources, Tjekero Tweya, is of the view that if the existing laws passed in parliament are deemed inadequate, it is necessary to enhance and strengthen them.

Tweya also emphasised the importance of engaging in a comprehensive, honest, and constructive dialogue about the management of natural resources in Namibia.

Tweya made these remarks during the opening of a six-day workshop focusing on the mining and energy sectors.

Finance Deputy Minister introduces changes to VAT, Stamp Duties and Income Tax


The Deputy Minister of Finance, Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, has tabled amendments to three laws in the financial sector in the National Assembly.

These are the Value Added Tax, Stamp Duties, and the Income Tax.

In her motivation, Hinda-Mbuende explained that the proposed changes to the Value Added Tax deal with amendments to the definition and the assessment of what taxable activities are.