African Maintenance Funds Association calls for new revenue collection 


The African Roads Maintenance Funds Association is calling for new revenue collection strategies amidst threats to global fuel supply and the emergence of electric cars.

The outgoing president of the association, Ali Ipinge, says Africa is not behind with the concept of electric cars.

Ali Ipinge, who is also the CEO of Namibia's Road Fund Administration, made the remarks when he handed over the association's presidency to the incoming president from Cameroon, Moussa Essaie.

Motorists maintain illegal ways to fill up their tanks owing to fuel price increases


Fuel has become one of the most priced commodities in Namibia, and with the price increases, motorists are forced to find ways to preserve every last drop of it, sometimes resorting to illegal tactics to save a few bucks.
illegal fuel trade at Oshikango, popularly known as the Ngungula service has been on the increase for the past few years.

The word Ngungula translates to sneaking around and running.

Petrol prices have been on a steep increase over the past year, exceeding the N$22 mark by July.