Africa needs to manufacture vaccines locally


There is a need for Africa to locally manufacture vaccines and fill immunisation gaps.

Currently, Africa imports 99 percent of its vaccines.

Moreover, more than 90 percent of medicines and medical devices are imported.

This situation has proven to be a challenge in Namibia and other nations during pandemics such as COVID-19, monkeypox, and Ebola.

This is concerning and raises questions about the preparedness for future pandemics, emphasising the importance of partnerships and collaboration.

Onjose Farmers Cooperative in Omaheke sets up livestock supplements facility


Onjose Farmers Cooperative in the Omaheke Region has set up a new facility to provide livestock supplements and vaccines to farmers.

The cooperative provides agricultural training opportunities to farmers as well as organizing market days for them.

Speaking at a meeting with farmers at Talismanus, the Chairperson of Onjose Farmers Cooperative, Ismael Ndjoze, said addressing challenges facing the agricultural sector should be a collective effort.