Begging Angolan minors around the streets and malls a concern

A crisis of children, mostly female, roaming around the streets and malls of the capital, selling wooden goods and begging for coins, has become a concern.

It has become an everyday occurrence for one to encounter these children from neighbouring Angola walking along streets or malls in Windhoek, begging for money to buy bread, all repeating the same phrases as if trained.

Looking into the eyes of these children can be a traumatising experience, as they look worn out, emotionless, and neglected.

Namibia, Angola governments in contact over plights of Angolan children

Legal practitioner Kadhila Amoomo is calling for the urgent establishment of a dedicated team to address the issue of Angolan children on the country's streets.

Amoomo calls for the commissioning of an investigation team to establish the details of these children and the way forward to get them off the streets.

He says interim measures should be put in place to make provision for feeding programmes, housing, education, and, most importantly, psychological support.

Dr. Geingob dedicated himself to Namibia- MPLA

Angola's ruling party and a sister liberation movement, the MPLA, has added their voice of sympathy to its Namibian counterpart, the Swapo Party, following the untimely death of Namibian Leader Dr. Hage Geingob.

The MPLA, in a statement, says it is saddened by the death of Geingob.

It says the late President Geingob was an icon of the liberation struggle and a national symbol who dedicated himself with total availability and a spirit of sacrifice, especially in defence of the ideals that guided the long process of the struggle to achieve Namibia's independence.

Angola approves extension of Namibian farmers grazing

Namibia and Angola have issued a joint communiqué pertaining to the authorization of drought-plagued Namibian farmers to continue grazing their livestock in Angola.

This follows a meeting held in Angola last October where the importance of peaceful co-existence, particularly with respect to Namibian farmers grazing their cattle in Angola, was emphasised.

Grazing conflict with Angola tops Ndeitunga's agenda

The Ohangwena regional leadership is looking to resolve their current issues over grazing land with Angolan farmers.

Thousands of cattle graze in the area.

The Governor, retired Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, addressed the matter when he visited the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority along with the regional leadership.

High on Ndeitunga's agenda was the need for resolution on grazing areas with Angola's Cunene Province.

Prof Katjavivi addresses 147th Inter-Parliamentary Union 

 The Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Peter Katjavivi, addressed hundreds of Members of Parliament gathered at the 147th Inter-Parliamentary Union in Luanda, Angola. 

He stated that despite Namibia inheriting inequality from the policies of the apartheid regime, the country has adopted numerous initiatives to rectify this issue.

During a general debate under the theme "Parliamentary Action for Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions," Professor Katjavivi highlighted that Namibia has passed multiple legislations promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions. 

Cross-border crimes between Namibia, Angola remain a concern

Cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola remain a concern for law enforcement agencies from both countries.

Law enforcement experts say these crimes undermine societal stability and threaten the wellbeing of citizens in both countries. The issue of cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola led to a bilateral meeting in Rundu with law enforcement agencies from both countries discussing ways to improve their fight against crime.

Quadripartite Summit to harmonise consultations on peace efforts in eastern DRC

African leaders, including Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, who attended the Quadripartite Summit, have decided to institutionalise the platform to continue to harmonise consultations on peace efforts in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

However, funding commitments still remain a challenge.

Namibians benefited from agreement entered into with Angola - Esau

The Former Minister of Marine Resources Bernhardt Esau asserted that Namibia and its citizens benefited from an agreement that was entered into with Angola.

Esau said this during the continuation of his bail hearing application.

The agreement between the two countries resulted in the establishment of Namgomar Pesca, a joint venture company that played a significant role in the Fishrot fishing quota fraud and corruption case.

According to state prosecutors, Namgomar Pesca was granted questionable fishing quotas during Bernhardt Esau's tenure as minister.