Youth Ministry empowers youth through Seminar

Being the catalyst for empowering young people in the country, the Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service has embarked on a week-long seminar at Omaheke's Otjinene Constituency.

The meeting is aimed at equipping young people with skills in education, health-related matters, and business.

Speaking at the official opening of the workshop at Otjinene, regional youth officer Jefta Mbuende said youngsters need to be capacitated with the few resources available to be part of the regional development.

NOYD elected youth representatives to address their needs at NY Conference

The Namibian Organization of Youth with Disabilities has elected youth representatives from each region to help them better address their needs during the National Youth Conference at Rietfontein.

Stereotyping, stigma, and discrimination are some of the challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis.

It is for this reason that their representation in each region is of the utmost importance.

Like most youth, young people with disabilities have a lot to contribute to the nation's building, but they are mostly excluded.