The Swapo Party Regional Coordinator in the ||Kharas Region, Matheus Mumbala, called on the party supporters to start campaigning and canvassing support ahead of the by-election in the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency.

The by-election was necessitated by the expulsion of Gerrit Witbooi from the Landless People's Movement.

Mumbala, who made the remarks during the opening of the ||Kharas Regional Executive Committee meeting of the party at Keetmanshoop, urged party members to mobilize Keetmanshoop residents to go and register for the by-elections.

"Our responsibilities are bigger in 2023 as we are currently preparing for the by-election and the 2024 national election. Let us go and mobilize the members who turned 18 and those who did not register for the last election to go and register for Keetmanshoop rural."

Mumbala is confident the party will reclaim the constituency from LPM and provide much-needed services to residents that have been deprived of basic necessities for the past four years.

"Let the opposition be, except that they will not be able to rule this country. They failed a small town even in Koes. They don't have a CEO. For how long can they? They are totally confused. They thought manna would just fall from the sky, and they would eat. They ate. That was then, and now they are confused because they start fighting each other."

Voter registration for the by-election is expected to start on the 14th of March.



Natangwe Jimmy