Gender inequality in sports has long been a pressing issue, particularly for female athletes who do not receive equal pay in comparison to their male counterparts.

But while the disparities are not the same in all the codes, people have questioned whether compensation among sportsmen and women is actually measured by accolades?

Football analyst Salome Iyambo and Namibian national women's rugby coach Christel Kotze share their views on the matter.

Equal pay in sport has been an ongoing discussion in recent years. While some adjustments have been made, the debate continues to be heated.

Football analyst Salome Iyambo, for example, questions why corporates select a particular code to sponsor and yet differentiate between the men and women's teams.

Namibian national women's rugby coach, Christel Kotze however believes that accolades play a huge role when seeking sponsorship and equal payment.

Kotze also states that federations that are run efficiently are most likely to receive sponsorship, which is then divided according to success rates of teams and individuals.