The Namibia Film Commission (NFC), through its strategic plan, aims to create value by providing a "one-stop shop" to both local and international filmmakers.

The 'one-stop shop' for film will permit film funding, location facilitation, training, and market research data, among others.

The NFC's core mission is to revitalize and bring about innovative ideas aimed at transforming the local film industry through a targeted approach to attract foreign film producers to Namibia.

"The NFC allows for sustainability and allows filmmakers and film industry players to be involved in that. The main basis of communication is where we support each other and share information, you know, so what the NFC is doing now, for instance, with that fan, the requirements will change slightly," Caillin Basson, an NFC Board Member, explained.

Basson also noted that Africa and the Middle East have experienced significant exposure in the film industry.

"As more platforms emerge and audience demand grows, spending on content production continues to ramp up as well. In 2020, a record-breaking $220.2 billion was spent on making and acquiring new feature films and TV programming—that's a 16.5% increase compared to production spending in 2019."

Besides strengthening the project's management capability, NFC is also experiencing challenges.

"In my opinion, the biggest hurdle is the lack of policy, which is also something that the film commission is trying to push at the moment. We can push, but as long as we don't have an actual policy backing us up, currently, the only thing leading the industry for the season is the act of parliament."

The NFC, Basson added, is striving to create a conducive environment that develops a vibrant and sustainable film industry nationally.

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Maria Kaalushu