A Namibian author, Toini Sam, launched her book titled 'The Journey of a Conqueror' in Windhoek.

The book details her life journey as well as the obstacles and challenges she's had to overcome.

Sam says the book is aimed at boosting readers' confidence while uplifting and building them up.

The nonfiction book also contains biblical principles to help people through their life journey, including tips on how to endure and handle challenges.

As her life unfolds, she says she has had to take numerous leaps of faith due to the hardships of life.

As for the background, she acknowledged what inspired and drove her to write her book.

"Not knowing the battles, the rejections, and the sidelining that I was going through was actually giving life to The Journey of the Conqueror, the journey of the overcomers, the book that every Namibian can identify with, because they know that some of you will remember the events and even the environment, which is how beneficial it is. I wrote about my life experience that can change anyone."

Sam says she believes her book has the potential to change people's lives.

She says it is particularly meant to restore hope for those who may feel on the verge of giving up.



Lucy Nghifindaka