The ||Kharas Regional Council is making progress in implementing infrastructure development projects despite slow movement due to budgetary constraints.

Government agencies gave a progress report on capital projects for the 2022–2023 financial year during a Regional Development Coordination Committee meeting at Keetmanshoop.

Among the developmental projects underway is the construction of the ||Kharas Regional Council Office Park, which stands at 97% complete, while the Karasburg West Constituency Office stands at 87% complete.

Both of these projects were delayed due to budget constraints.

Other projects delayed because of a lack of funds are the construction of bulk services at settlements in Aus, Noordoewer, Araimsvlei, Kosis, Grunau, and the Snyfontein Rural Development Centre.

"The challenges we are facing currently with the Office Park are the disbursement of funds, especially from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. I think the funds are not coming forth, and this is a cross-cutting issue that we are having actually on the regional base platform whereby the allocation of budget is insufficient in that regard," said Acting Dep. Director of Planning at the ||Kharas Regional Council Megameno Shikongo.

The Councillor for !NamiǂNus Constituency, Susan Ndjaleka, suggested how the Council could redress the completion of Aus Settlement's bulk service project.

"What prevents councils from going on expressions of interest because partnerships with the private sector are the only ones that can assist the government in making sure these services are actually delivered? It is not an end question; it is something I want an answer to. I want to see a submission be brought forward to say, Council, this is the way we can deliver; if we blame the government forever, we won't get far."

"I told them I need the team to be in Aus to look at Aus, look at where available land is, and engage investors so that we, the government and investors, can service that land and be prepared both for residential and industrial erven," said Bennie Diergaardt.

Diergaardt directed the Council's Planning and Development Division to embark on a fact-finding mission to the Aus settlement to see how they can work around a public-private partnership for land servicing.



Luqman Cloete