WEEKEND CRIME | The Namibian Police report four suicides and one sudden death over the weekend.

A senior citizen, 72-year-old Julius Hengombe, was found hanging from a wire under a tree at the Ojikango Ekwenya village in the Otjozondjpa Region. No suicide note was found.

26-year-old Ndara Eveline Mbava was found hanging from a tree with a piece of cloth around her neck. The incident occurred in the bushes at the Mabiye beach area next to the Kavango river.

Eugene Izaacks (41), allegedly shot himself with his hunting rifle in the chin and died on the spot. The Namibian police report that Izaacks and his wife had an altercation before he shot himself.

35-year-old Milner Frederick committed suicide by hanging on a shoelace from the roof at Karasburg. No suicide note has been found.

A 5-month-old baby allegedly died suddenly at Outemba village, near Okakarara, while under the supervision of a caregiver. The biological mother of the infant, according to the weekend crime report, had travelled to Windhoek for employment purposes. The baby was crying a lot before he died, as the police state.



Emil Xamro Seibeb