The Inspector General of the Police, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, is visiting various policing areas and community members, aimed at educating the public on the police's mandate.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo's tour started in Zambezi and later proceeded to the Mukwe Constituency in the Kavango East Region.

"We realised that for us to make a difference in public safety and public security, we need to engage our community. When we refer to our community, we refer to the ordinary members in the streets, the ordinary members in the locations, and we are also talking about our business community. Because there are a lot of lodges here around Divundu, we felt we needed to come and share the information to strengthen the relationship between the business community and the Namibian Police and also to explain to them what the mandate of the Namibian Police is. Preservation of the internal security of our republic and also investigation of offences, protection of life and property, and prevention of crime."

Speaking on behalf of the business community, Dr. Lenhard Peter called on the police to address noise pollution at sheebens in the village.

"We do have frustrations; we have had a speed of armed robberies here in the past few months, and there is a suspect still at large. The issue of police responsiveness, the quickness of response, and the lack of vehicles are big issues for us, and we often have to go and carry the police. I personally, when I needed to open a case, had to go and carry the police, so that was something that I also mentioned, so it is very well known that the police are not mobile enough."

Peter says the meeting with the Inspector General was very educational and gave him hope for a change.

Well, I feel energised. I feel encouraged by my colleagues; I heard the same things from them, and we feel that this may be a door opener. I wouldn't say yet at ease; we told the General clearly that we are going to be collaborative and making this a two-way street. To me, it looks like a real opportunity for us together to improve the situation for all of us and our furan guests."




Elizabeth Mwengo