The Swapo Party Vice President has called for unity among party members, regardless of which candidate they supported during last year's Congress.

Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah made the call at a party rally held in Rehoboth to formally communicate the outcomes of the 7th Swapo Party Congress.

During the event, Nandi-Ndaitwah introduced the top three leaders of the party structure: the Vice President, Secretary General, and Deputy Secretary General.

She also introduced the members of the Central Committee and the Politburo.

"I want to make it categorically clear that there was nothing wrong with supporting the candidate of your choice prior to and during Congress. However, I have to point out that it is extremely politically wrong, counterproductive, and unconstitutional for members of the Swapo Party to continue campaigning after the Congress has elected leaders."

Nandi-Ndaitwah cautioned party members not to deliberately spread misinformation about the purpose of the 7th Congress, reiterating that its primary objective was indeed to elect the current party leadership.

"Who did not know prior to the Congress that when we were campaigning for our vice presidential candidate, we were basically campaigning for a person to become a presidential candidate? We must be honest with ourselves; it is not a secret. And how did it become a problem? You are playing in the minds and intelligence of party members, those who went to Congress, and those who were campaigning for you because they knew that was the aim."

Attendees of the rally emphasised that the party has a single presidential candidate for the upcoming general elections who will be its representative.

Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa shared the candidate's extensive experience and political readiness to lead.

"The person who is also steadfast, a person who never wavered, a person who stood when she said this is the person I want to campaign for, she will never let me down."

Shaningwa reaffirmed that Nandi-Ndaitwah is the sole candidate for the party's leadership.



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