Road accident claims lives between Windhoek & Rehoboth


The community of Rehoboth is in mourning following the deaths of the chairperson of the Reho Falcon Sports Club, Etienne Coetzee, his two sons, and one other person in a road crash on Saturday evening.

The accident was confirmed by Hardap Police Deputy Commissioner Gesina Nell.

The 48-year-old Coetzee and his sons, Louisiana Edmando (23) and Etman Jacardo (21), as well as Greschlinn Denzeleo Bruwer (21), died in the accident between Windhoek and Rehoboth.

Rains over the weekend bring relief from heat wave in some parts of the country


Light to moderate rains recorded over the weekend brought relief from the heat wave in some parts of the country. 

Over the past week, temperatures have hovered between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius in places such as Keetmanshoop, which received some light showers on Friday and Saturday. 

Figures revealed on the Namibia Meteorological Services website show that the highest rainfall of 19.2 millimetres measured today was recorded in Windhoek.

Registered bus operators unhappy with mushrooming of illegal taxis


Registered bus operators at Rehoboth have made a desperate plea for authorities to address the mushrooming of illegal taxi drivers, as discontent is brewing.

They have threatened to block the B1 road if the situation is not addressed.
nbc News reporter Gordon Joseph met with some disgruntled bus drivers at Rehoboth over the weekend.

The registered bus drivers say their pleas continue to fall on deaf ears, and they allege that the Windhoek-Rehoboth route is dominated by illegal buses and 7-seaters.

Bees attack wedding party in Rehoboth


A wedding reception was disrupted at Rehoboth over the weekend when an angry swarm of bees attacked the party.

The incident left a number of guests, including the bride, in the hospital, while the groom was also not spared. It is believed that 10 wedding guests were admitted to St. Mary's Hospital for multiple bee stings.

Bystanders said a group of kids messed with the bees who were nesting in the vicinity of the hall where the wedding reception was to be held.

UPM calls on opposition political parties to unite


The United People's Movement (UPM) President Jan van Wyk has called on the opposition political parties to unite and come up with strategies that would increase their numbers in the National Assembly.

Van Wyk was speaking at the party's public meeting in Rehoboth.

The UPM Leader says the current representation of the opposition parties in the National Assembly has made things difficult for them, especially when it comes to the tabling of motions, private member bills, and the passing of pieces of legislation.

Parents, guardians play a crucial role in promoting children's mental health


An intern social worker in the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication, and Social Welfare says parents and guardians have a huge role to play in supporting their children's ability to work through mental health and nurturing their positive wellbeing.

Vanessa Gertze Shivute said this at the Mental Health Awareness Day held at Origo Primary School in Rehoboth on Tuesday. Mentally healthy children have a positive quality of life and can function well at home, in school, and in their communities.

Operation Zero in Hardap Region a success


Police in the Hardap Region seized illicit drugs, weapons, cigarettes, and liquor during Operation Zero, which was conducted in the Rehoboth policing area from August 22 to August 24.

Operations conducted included eight road blocks, foot and vehicle patrols, and stop-and-searches.

Inspector Otniel ||Gowaseb, the Head of the Community Policing Unit in Hardap, says 1,188 vehicles were stopped, of which 120 were searched.

Fines related to road traffic offences worth N$50,750 were issued, and 30 people were arrested for drunken driving.

Swapo Party members called to unite


The Swapo Party Vice President has called for unity among party members, regardless of which candidate they supported during last year's Congress.

Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah made the call at a party rally held in Rehoboth to formally communicate the outcomes of the 7th Swapo Party Congress.

During the event, Nandi-Ndaitwah introduced the top three leaders of the party structure: the Vice President, Secretary General, and Deputy Secretary General.

She also introduced the members of the Central Committee and the Politburo.

Rehoboth man allegedly rapes stepdaughter


A Rehoboth man is under investigation for the alleged rape of a child in the town.

The 48-year-old seafarer, according to the Namibian Police, raped his 15-year-old former stepdaughter in a riverbed.

It is alleged that the suspect drove with the victim from Groot |Aub to Rehoboth, where he went to a bar in the Block E location and bought alcoholic beverages for the minor. 

The police say that the suspect then drove to Block D and raped the minor in his vehicle.

Theofilus Sakeus buried at Rehoboth


Rehoboth residents gathered to pay tribute to the late war veteran Theofilus Sakeus at his residence on Friday.

The war veteran, who died on July 11, was described by many as a diplomat in the fight for liberation struggle and left a legacy of peace within the community.

"He had a firm mind; he knew when to talk and when not to talk, when to walk and when not to walk, when to hide when the guns were coming, and when to stand up straight, and he was upright in his character", said Marlene Mungunda.