The Kilimanjaro Boxing Academy is excited to announce that they will be hosting regional boxing clinics in the northern regions of the country. This initiative aims to provide an opportunity for resident boxers in those regions to participate and enhance their skills.

The boxing clinics, which are scheduled to be held up north, welcome participants of all genders, including interested female fighters in the regions. Joseph Benhard, promoter of the Kilimadjaro Boxing Academy, shared that they will be contacting regional federations to organize their boxers and find a suitable venue where all participants can gather for the boxing clinic.

Benhard explained, "We will have a program starting from Kunene to Zambezi, which will act as coaching clinics. Our goal is to develop and promote boxing not only in towns but also in schools across the regions. At the end of the day, we aim to bring together all those who went through the clinics for a tournament in one place. Our aim is to reach everyone who wants to pursue boxing."

In expressing gratitude, Benhard thanked MTC for investing in the academy, as it has provided a platform for aspiring boxers. He said, "As the MTC Kilimanjaro Boxing, it gives me the motivation to train more and to see that, yes, we can make it. We believe that with MTC's support, we can make a bigger name and produce world champions. It means a lot to me and to other boxers who want to turn professional. We welcome everybody and, even though our training space may be limited, we train with a big heart, knowing that we will be champions."

In other exciting news, two of Kilimanjaro's talented boxers, Immanuel Jason and Jonas Shikukutu, will be showcasing their skills at the upcoming "Together As One part 10" boxing tournament. The event will take place this Friday at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair in Oshakati.

The Kilimanjaro Boxing Academy continues to strive towards promoting and nurturing talent in the sport of boxing, and these regional clinics are just one of the ways they are making a positive impact on the boxing community.

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