It is once again time for the Windhoek Agricultural, Livestock, and Motor Show.

The 69th edition of the event is hosting more than 200 exhibitors, including hand-made crafts, traditional food stalls, kiddie parks, and live music shows.

Loide Martin is one of the first exhibitors who, for the past 21 years, made sure that she secured a spot at the show.

She sells traditional cuisine like freerange chicken, oshikuvila, and ondjove.

Martin said she has worked her way up in the business thanks to the Windhoek Show.

"There were only four stalls here, and I asked the office to extend so that it could accommodate more people. Now I am the mother of the traditional stalls. Those once also had a competition. The best cook will get a chance to participate next year for free. What I am getting from here will be enough for me."

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Windhoek Show Grounds


Hendrina Kanyolo