President Hage Geingob says Namibia's principled stance of being a friend to all and an enemy to none should in no way be interpreted as an indication of the country assuming a docile role in the geopolitical arena.

He reiterated the position of peaceful resolution to conflicts, particularly the ongoing Russia-Ukraine as well as the Israel-Palestinian conflicts.

"When we see something that goes against our principles of Unity, Liberty and Justice, we must and will speak out, not out of malice but out of sincere concern. We are proud to be respected members of the international community, but our respect must not come out of blind obedience but from respect for principles and international solidarity. On the other hand, we are also cognizant that we must avoid getting entangled in conflicts that are not of our making and remain faithful to the principle enshrined in our Constitution to encourage the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means."

In this regard, the Head of State says diplomacy is to be given precedence over external parties who wish to stoke the flames of war through persistent provocation.

"We have witnessed massacres of innocent women and children on both sides and the destruction of Gaza City in the most barbaric and uncivilised manner. All human life is sacred, whether Israeli or Palestinian. The targeting of innocent women and children should cease immediately, and diplomacy should be given a chance to bring peace. As a country that has experienced intentional destruction of property and the killing of innocent lives, we know all too well the pain of witnessing such horror."

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Blanche Goreses