The Windhoek City Police confiscated a large number of whiskies and packets of cigarettes in Windhoek on Friday morning.

Though the exact value of the items is yet to be established, it is estimated to be in the region of N$100,000.

It was an action by the owner of a bulk transportation and logistics company that led to the confiscation of these products, which crossed the Namibian border illegally. 

The owner became suspicious of his driver after he arrived from the northern town of Oshikuku this morning and reported that some of the products he carried on the truck had fallen off during the long drive.

Concerned by the driver's report, the owner decided to inspect the truck, only to find 41 bags of whisky and 44 boxes of Yes cigarettes.

The owner informed nbc News that he also observed the unusual movement of cars around his place of business. It was a group of people who had come to pick up the consignment of the illegal products.

The city police were immediately notified and arrived on the scene.

Superintendent Haufiku warns that those with intentions may want to commit similar offences.

The whisky has become popular in Namibia and is selling for anything between N$5 and N$10 in the informal settlements.

In September this year, the Namibia Revenue Agency banned the importation of several food items and alcoholic beverages from Angola. The items confiscated by the City Police fall among those that are banned.

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Emil Xamro Seibeb