MTC supports safe city concept


MTC will provide about 200 CCTV cameras to the City Police under a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Windhoek.

The cameras are aimed at curbing crime and helping recover items throughout the city. 

Through the signed agreement, the two parties will deploy digital technologies to assist in combating crime within the city. 

The cameras will be deployed at various identified crime hotspots and MTC towers where they have experienced theft.

MTC pledged to support the city's safety concept through the procurement of CCTV equipment and installation. 

City Police warn against giving money to beggars


Members of the public are discouraged from giving money to children and adults living and working on the street.

The Head of Windhoek City Police, Chief Leevi Ileka, made the call at a media briefing in Windhoek.

Chief Ileka says the Windhoek City Police Service has been experiencing with great concern the increasing number of people living and working on the street.

Ileka adds that they have noted that the majority of street robberies reported, especially in the Central Business District, are committed by people living and working on the street. 

Students advised to be vigilant against fraudsters


Fraudsters targeting students become ever more present during university registration periods.

As such, students are advised to stay vigilant and be on the lookout for scammers aiming to disrupt their finances.

Appearing on the nbc's breakfast show, Good Morning Namibia, Sergeant Fabian Amukwelele from the City Police says theft under false pretence at universities is prominent during registration periods at tertiary institutions.

This includes, among others, promises for reservations for accommodation, and the most common are offers of cheap accommodation. 

City Police confiscates contraband


The Windhoek City Police confiscated a large number of whiskies and packets of cigarettes in Windhoek on Friday morning.

Though the exact value of the items is yet to be established, it is estimated to be in the region of N$100,000.

It was an action by the owner of a bulk transportation and logistics company that led to the confiscation of these products, which crossed the Namibian border illegally. 

City Police ties loose ends on safety


The Windhoek City Police is stationed at the Okapuka roadblock for the festive season, ensuring compliance with road traffic rules. They'll be screening for warrants, vehicle roadworthiness, and fitness.

During this busy period at the Okapuka roadblock, the City Police's Superintendent, Katrina Nomboga, emphasises the team's focus on various road safety aspects.

She stressed that her team aims to convey a clear message on road safety, intending to prevent accidents and fatalities. 

Motorists urged to check vehicle roadworthiness


The City Police's Head of Operations is calling on members of the public to ensure that their cars are road-worthy before embarking on a long-distance journey for the festive season.

Deputy Chief Eliaser Iyambo made the call during a road safety day held at the City Police Headquarters in Windhoek.

As part of the National Festive Season Road Safety Campaign under the theme 'Do the Right Thing and Save Lives', the City Police held a road worthy vehicle inspection day where drivers got their cars tested for road worthiness for free.

City Police holds engagement with Okahandja Park community


Hunger and a lack of parental care are said to have driven many children in Windhoek's Okahandja Informal Settlement to the streets.

But the end results aren't pleasing.

The City Police held an engagement with the community of Okahandja Park following the observation of too many children roaming around the streets.

Many of the children from Okahandja Park walk to the Grove Mall in Kleine Kuppe, Town Square in the CBD, and other areas.

There, according to the City Police, they snatch people's handbags and beg for food and money.

Police Remain Mum on Okahandja Shooting


The National Spokesperson of the Namibian Police, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, has informed the media that the official report by the police, in which five men were allegedly shot and killed by the Namibian Police Force and members of the Windhoek City Police, might be released today.

"We will communicate to the media as soon as we receive the report/update from the substantive offices. Probably today," noted Shikwambi, after she was probed on the progress of the report.

City Police confiscates 32 iPhones from a cellphone repair shop 


The City Police confiscated 32 iPhones from a local cellphone repair shop in Okuryangava, Windhoek, this morning.

The discovery happened after Sydney Tjipuka, who was robbed of his cellphone, reported the incident to the police.

In a short period of time after reporting the incident, Tjipuka's cellphone was recovered at a cellphone repair shop.