The Otjiwarongo Constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region has come to the aid of school-going children with a donation of stationery.

Otjozondjupa Regional Council Public Relations Officer, Cornelia Shilongo, says children were identified from poverty-stricken households where parents or guardians cannot afford school supplies.

The stationery packs, valued at N$10,000, benefitted about 40 learners from Grades 1 to 10 at various schools in Otjiwarongo, whose parents had requested assistance.

"These learners were identified through letters that were written to the different schools in the constituency for them to identify needy students that the council office has decided to support. So the letters were also accompanied by house visits just for them to ascertain that the learners that were selected are really needy and look at the situation at home and everything. So these learners were assisted with stationeries to the value of N$10,000."

Shilongo added that the donation is an initiative of the constituency office, which plans to make an annual activity depending on the availability of funds.

"Funds are really not forthcoming, so it's impossible to assist everybody, but we are calling on good Samaritans to come on board to assist the office, so the office is able to assist more learners because there are really a lot of vulnerable learners. Some learners, most of those that are supported, have grades that are not really good because some of the learners have to travel long distances from home to school, and when they reach the schools, they actually find other learners already in the third period or so. Which is really an obstacle in terms of letting the grade improve. So we really are calling on all good Samaritans to come on board for the best of a Namibian child."

The constituency office has also placed orders for school uniforms, which will be donated to learners who are without them.

Further assistance will include access to tutor services and internet connectivity at the councillor's office.

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