The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture issued a directive to all schools to hold memorial services in honour of the late Dr. Geingob. 

Hochland High School was one of those that responded promptly and organised a service on the school field.

The service was held as per directive under two themes: President Geingob's dedication to education and his role as a statesman.

Hage G. Geingob, who started off as a teacher, was dedicated to education, prompting the Ministry of Education to honour his legacy.

He began his teaching career at Tsumeb Primary School in the Oshikoto Region but later pursued further education abroad, driven by a vision to reform the education system, as detailed in his biography.

Learners and staff expressed their feelings through poems and speeches, reflecting on the significant impact the late President had on the nation.

Partially hidden by clouds, the sun created a solemn atmosphere over the capital, causing a pause in time at Hochland High School as the education community grieved the loss of their esteemed educator, Dr. Hage Geingob.



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