The community at Tsjaka in the Kalahari Constituency has acknowledged the government's efforts to bring development to the area's growth point.

Though there are agricultural projects, schools and electricity, proper provision of water, a clinic, and a police station remain critiqued. 

The community aired its concerns during a regional consultation by the National Planning Commission on the National Development Plan Six at Tsjaka in the Kalahari Constituency.

They cited that water provision in most rural areas of the region lacks services such as water, which hinders agricultural related activities. 

A farmer at Tsjaka, Bonny Mokhatu, reiterated that development is more directed at Tsjaka Growth Point, while the farming community around the vicinity is in dire need of proper livestock handling facilities and an auction pen.

"There are no proper handling facilities in this whole area, so farmers will wonder if they could give us a project to assist farmers in having handling facilities for their livestock and where the farmers can contribute something to enhance the living standards of the farmers.' 

The Batswana Ba Namibia Kgosi Andrew Kgosiemang welcomed the initiative taken by the National Planning Commission to consult the community.

"I am happy that they came out to the constituencies, especially Tsjaka, and they really came to listen to our issues or challenges if the government will come and buy small stock and gove to each and every beneficiary of this farm and give them a management plan so that it can benefit and be given to other regions."

The National Planning Commission says the final regional engagement will be held in Gobabis on the 4th of next month and will come up with recommendations to address the concerns raised by the community.

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