Namdia, in line with its corporate social responsibility drive, has made a significant contribution to Windhoek's underprivileged communities by donating a multipurpose cancer trailer. 

The gesture aligns with the sentiment expressed by the former First Lady during her tribute, emphasising the prioritisation of health initiatives.

Monica Geingos addressed the increasing incidence of cancer during her tribute to her late husband. 

She also noted the significant increase in men seeking cancer screening, following the late President's own battle with the disease.

"All of the doctors I spoke to expressed concern about the rising number of cancers and what appears to be a global phenomenon. A few of them said that they were pleased to see men coming out to be screened for cancer once the president announced that he had cancer. The WHO predicts a rise of 71% in cancer cases by the year 2050. If anyone is watching from the health sector, cancer, particularly the inequities that define it, should be a priority area."

The Chairperson of Namdia Foundation Trustee Alisa Amupolo emphasised the significance of bringing the multipurpose trailer directly to the community, stressing that early detection is paramount and more cost-effective than delayed intervention.

"Today I am delighted to hand over the multipurpose cancer trailer, which is worth N$179,570.20, to the Omnicare Trust. This will be for cancer screening and a tangible step in the battle against cancer. However, our commitment doesn't end here; it's beyond this moment, and we must prioritise, as a country, cancer screenings as a basic health care need, irrespective of gender."

Omnicare Trust, an NGO committed to providing primary healthcare to communities, expresses gratitude for this generous donation. 

The cancer trailer will be used for screening breast, cervical, and prostate cancers, aiming to improve early detection and save lives.

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