Luderitz Town Council is racing to upgrade the ageing electricity, water, sewerage, and transport infrastructure in preparation for the expected green hydrogen, oil, and gas industries. 

This is among the myriad of developments revealed during President Nangolo Mbumba's visit to the town.

The upgrading of the infrastructure is against the realisation that the ageing facilities are putting a strain on the services of the town, coupled with population growth.

Another reason is the ambition that the new facilities would attract and increase exports of commodities through the Port of Luderitz to international markets.

As with any other development expansion, urban land delivery has been a challenge for the local authorities in the southern town.

Luderitz Town Council's concern is that if not addressed, the dream of becoming a lead propeller for a climate-neutral economy would not be achieved.

The topography of Luderitz is such that it is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the protected areas of Namib Naukluft Park and Tsau-Khaeb National Park.
This means that the legalities surrounding any possible boundary extension will be a complex matter in which solutions should be found through a tripartite arrangement involving all concerned parties.

The central government is aware of these concerns, particularly in view of some land owned by Namdeb, owing to the proclamation that it is a former diamond mining area.

According to the latest census figures, Luderitz has a population of about 35,000.

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Blanche Goreses