B2Gold has committed N$19 million towards the completion of Ombili Primary School at Ombili Informal Settlement in Otjiwarongo to meet the government halfway in ensuring access to education.

B2GOLD Country Manager John Roos says N$3 million has already been spent since 2021 for 24 classrooms and two blocks for grade 1 and 2 learners.

Roos says the mining company decided to construct eight additional classrooms to address overcrowding in classes.

The company will also construct a library and a science lab, while the sports field will be completed in 2025.

"That is also one of the areas that we invest heavily in in Namibia, because again, it all starts with a young Namibian child, making sure that child has access to the best education possible. Upon completion, B2Gold's investment in the project will be N$19 million. Now I am not saying N$19 million to brag about the money; we are saying, I am just saying this is an investment in people's future, and that's the way we see this."

The school accommodates learners from Ombili, DRC, and children of refugee families who have resettled in the area.

To date, the school population has grown to 1,300 learners with 38 teachers and five volunteers.

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Faith Sankwasa