The Okakarara Town Council says it is making efforts to improve road infrastructure, sewerage, and water reticulation, as well as satisfy the demand for housing in the town.

Okakarara is situated a few kilometres east of the Waterberg Mountain in the Otjozondjupa Region and is home to just over 7,000 inhabitants. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the town, Ehrnst Katjiku, told nbc News that the council is operating on a shoestring budget. 

The council received N$1.3 million for road infrastructure maintenance for this financial year.

"Okakarara Town Council is in the process of rehabilitating roads. I think currently we have about seven kilometres of road that we need to rehabilitate, of which less than a kilometre will be paved. And that is through the funding from RFA. That N$1.3 million would then be used for 700 metres of paving as well as the graveling, spot re-gravelling, and blading of roads in the town of Okakarara."

The town council also entered into an agreement with Development Workshop Namibia for the development of 600 erven at the Okakango residential area. 

This will also address water reticulation.

"Through this Memorandum of Understanding, we have now entered into the construction of about 600 ervens that will be serviced. Currently, as I am speaking, we have already started with the water reticulation, pipes that will be laid. trenches have already been dug out, I think we are at a very advanced stage."

Katjiku also expressed the challenges of residents refusing to relocate to pave the way for development despite being compensated.

"We have some problems with some people that need to relocate, people that were compensated are adamant about not relocating. These are the very same people that, as you know, inhibit development. So these are the people we need to look at so that they can move and pave the way for development. So I think, yes, we are really making very good progress with regards to that, and we hope that by the beginning of May or towards the model of May, we will need to complete that very important exercise."

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