The Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Ministry will soon refer to Cabinet a proposal to construct a second desalination plant at the coast.

Agriculture Minister Carl Schlettwein says NamWater will collaborate with Swakop Uranium Mine in setting up the coastal plant.

Schlettwein revealed that the feasibility studies for the second seawater desalination plant have been completed and the proposal is in its final stages.

Chinese-owned Swakop Uranium Mine has shown interest in financing the project.

Through an agreement with NamWater, the mining company currently gets water from the Orano desalination plant.

For the past decade, Husab and other players in the industry have expressed concern over the security of the water supply.

At a media day, representatives noted that Husab invested in water storage infrastructure, which can last up to five days in case of a disruption.

According to the agriculture minister, the second desalination plant, which is scheduled for construction in 2025, is crucial for the drought-stricken Erongo Region.

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Renate Rengura