A police station worth N$7 million has been inaugurated at Palmwag Settlement in the Kunene Region's Sesfontein Constituency. 

Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo says safety and security services are critical for all Namibians to access, to ensure that, and also for officers to be provided with proper structures to work from.

Police officers in the area have been serving the public at the checkpoint since 1998.

The checkpoint was previously used as a veterinary control point and a tourism concession area without accommodation or office facilities.

Funds were then made available to prefabricate the structures for barracks, charge offices, solar powered boreholes, septic tanks, and water stands.

"Inaugurations of a police post or police station are more than a ceremonial event, as they mark the embodiments of our commitment to the well-being of our citizens and of our people. It stands as a symbol of unwavering determination to ensure a safer and more secure environment for everyone who resides in this area, including people who are working here and visitors to our country."

Six police officers and a vehicle will be stationed at the premises to enable mobility to respond to emergencies.

Lieutenant General Shikongo also announced that the police are undertaking regional transfers and new appointments of officers.

This aims to enhance police services for the communities.

The land to build the police station was leased by the Kasaona and Dauredaman traditional authorities.

Sesfontein Constituency is home to over 8,000 inhabitants.

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