UNGA President commends Namibia for its gender parity in the NA


The United Nations General Assembly President, Dennis Francis commended Namibia for its gender parity in the National Assembly, underscoring the country's commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Dennis Francis addressed a joint Parliament session this afternoon. 

Francis also spoke about the drought situation in Namibia, saying the country does not have adequate fiscal space to cater to the demands of the means of implementation due to its lack of access to affordable climate financing. 

Mutorwa urges extension of state of emergency over prolonged drought


The Deputy Prime Minister John Mutorwa has advocated for the extension of the state of emergency as the country faces yet another severe drought, significantly impacting food security and water resources.

The state of emergency was declared by President Nangolo Mbumba early this year, following a comprehensive crop assessment revealing the severity of the drought.

According to the Namibia Meteorological Services, most regions received substantial rainfall only in January 2024, which was followed by a severe dry spell in February. 

Oranjemund residents want ||Kharas Region split


Residents of Oranjemund Constituency are proposing that ||Kharas Region be split into two regions, namely ||Kharas South and North, for service delivery streamlining. 

The Oranjemund Constituency councillor, Lazarus Nangolo,  presented the proposal during the second day of Boundary  Delimitation and Demarcation Commission's public consultations at Keetmanshoop.

Over 30% of young people aged 13-15 use tobacco products


Namibia's laws do not currently regulate new and emerging tobacco products such as hubbly bubbly, vapes, and e-cigarettes.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Utjiua Muinjangue, has called on stakeholders to address the gaps as they propose amendments to the Tobacco Products Control Act.

Stakeholders have gathered at Swakopmund to identify gaps and review the Tobacco Products Act.

Despite the introduction of the law in 2010, there is still an increase in tobacco product use among communities, especially among youth.

Fraudsters scam unsuspecting home seekers


The police have issued an urgent warning about scammers who claim to be selling plots of land across the country.

This scam, known as the Tuyoleni Housing Project, began in 2022 and has already netted about N$2 million.

The mastermind behind the operation is a 24-year-old man named Joseph Shikesho, who is the only one who has appeared in court so far.

Others involved in the Tuyoleni Housing Project are also in their twenties.

The managing director of the project is 23 years old, while the intern in training is 25 years old.

Keetmanshoop Rotary Club launches with focus on community well-being


During the launch of the Keetmanshoop Rotary Club, Rotary District 9350 Governor Ann Wright urged fellow rotarians to contribute to the well-being of society.

Wright emphasized the core values of Rotary, focusing on key areas such as fighting diseases, supporting the environment, education, literacy, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, peace building, and conflict prevention.

Namibian coalition petitions for implementation of Universal Basic Income Grant


A petition demanding the immediate implementation of a Universal Basic Income Grant in Namibia was officially received by Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication, and Social Welfare, Doreen Sioka, on behalf of President Nangolo Mbumba. 

This event followed a demonstration by petitioners who took to the streets of Windhoek to voice their demands.

Hakahana Lacho Power and Gas Depot launched


Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has called on young entrepreneurs to be innovative, saying government will play its part in creating a conducive environment for doing businesses. 

She made the call at the launch of the Hakahana Lacho Power and Gas Depot in Windhoek today.

Nandi-Ndaitwah says government will also play its part in equipping young entrepreneurs with skills, ensure access to finances and help them to participate in the global market.

Olufuko celebrates cultural identity and heritage in Outapi


Culture is not just a collection of traditions and practices, but rather it represents a source of pride that connects people to their roots and history, and offers them a sense of identity. 

These were the words of the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development Evelyn !Nawases-Taeyele at the Olufuko Annual Cultural Festival Gala Dinner at Outapi. 

Culture and traditions are not leftovers of the past, but are in fact living expressions that continue to shape the present and guide the future. 

Namibia launches Access and Benefit-Sharing Guidelines


In a move that ushers in a new era for the sustainable management of biological and genetic resources, Namibia has introduced new Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) Guidelines for this purpose, along with an online permitting system. 

The initiative is led by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism in partnership with local and global development partners.

ABS is a framework under the Convention on Biological Diversity that governs the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources.