The Namibian government remains committed to ensuring that marginalised and stateless people are issued national documents. 

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security Daniel Kashikola said most of these people live in rural areas where the ministry's services and information are not easily accessible.
In an interview with nbc News, Dr Kashikola noted that his ministry embarked on an information dissemination campaign in four regions and issued national documents to marginalised communities and stateless people.
The government, Kashikola assured the community, is working towards the elimination of the problem of stateless and undocumented people.

During his visit to Omega One, Kashikola was informed about the influx of the Hambukushu-speaking community who migrated from neighbouring Angola and Zambia and do not have identification documents from their countries of origin.

He says these people are now considered stateless in Namibia. 

He also stated that the Ministry has commissioned a study which has culminated in the drafting of the Immigration Bill, which would guide the ministry on how to deal with the issue of statelessness in the country once it becomes law. 

After the field visit, a comprehensive report will be compiled and recommendations will be made on how best to address the various challenges the marginalised and stateless people are facing.

Photo Credits
Wilfred Nyambe