Everyone in the community has a moral obligation to ensure that young people internalize and practice decent moral values.

Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor Gerrit Witbooi made the remark at an occasion signaling the official commencement of the Kronlein Primary School jubilee celebrations.

Current and former principals, teachers, learners, and parents descended on the Kronlein Primary School at Keetmanshoop to celebrate the school's fiftieth anniversary. 

The school was founded in 1972 following the merger of the Rhynse Mission and A.M.E. Coloured Schools.

"Sometimes we measure school outcomes easily in terms of points, and as important as they may be as passports to the world of work, we as the community have a deeply vested interest in ensuring our young people internalize and commit to the decent values that make them respected colleagues, trustworthy friends, supportive spouses, and good parents in their turn."

Also speaking at the occasion were Keetmanshoop's mayor, ||Kharas Regional Council's CRO, and the Education Director.

"I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all previous and current principals, teachers, and parents for their support and collective efforts towards the development of our youngsters—grooming them to achieve something substantial in life and, above all, raising them with a strong moral compass:"



Luqman Cloete