The Health and Social Services Minister, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula says the controversial condom tender is set to solve problems in the country’s health facilities and mitigate the current challenges of critical medical equipment. 

Shangula made these remarks during a visit to the Engela District Hospital which the Popular Democratic Movement’s member of Parliament Hidipo Hamata expressed concern. 

He alleged that standby generators were not functioning and forced theatre staff to use their mobile phones as a source of lighting during operations when the electricity is off. 

The nonoperational laundry machines and insufficient cabinets at the mortuary are amongst a host of other issues at the hospital.

Shangula is on a week-long tour to health facilities in Ohangwena, Oshana and Omusati regions. He will also be assessing the impact the current floods have on the ministry’s healthcare outreach programs as well as its infrastructure. 

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Ndapanda Shuuya