Two men and a woman were denied bail on Monday after they were found in possession of a suspected stolen ox.

The suspects, who appeared in the Rundu Magistrates Court on Wednesday, are charged with the possession of suspected stolen stock, the importation of animals into Namibia without a permit, forgery, and uttering.

The two men, 34-year-old Siwogedi Fellip Haingura and 23-year-old Lukas Kavimba Muyenga, are suspected of having stolen an ox from Angola and brought it into Namibia at night to sell.

It is alleged that the third suspect, Anna Ndapanda Kapolo, a veterinary technician employed by the Agriculture Ministry, fraudulently provided the permit and ear tag to the two.

It is alleged that Kapolo has similar pending cases.

Kapolo was given N$1500 to provide the movement permit and ear tag applicators.

The owner, Manuel Tchipopa, claims they only realized one of his oxen was missing around 4 a.m. after his cattle herder made the discovery.

"The cattle herder heard some sounds, but by the time he got to the kraal, he realized one of the cattle was missing. He then followed the footprints to the river, and we realized the canoe was there, so we crossed the river only to come to find the ox in the afternoon, and it had an ear tag, which we don't use in Angola."
The ox was found tied to a tree at the Sun City location after being sold for N8,000.

Tchipopa expressed his gratitude to the Namibian Police.

"I was called around nine o'clock to say that they had found my cattle. I then crossed to Namibia, and by the time I got there, the matter was being handled by the police. They really helped me a lot; all that took part in the theft were arrested, and I got my ox back, and they are going to help me take it home. I am happy that the culprits will be dealt with."

The case was postponed to the 13th of March.

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