Border shifting sparks emotions


The Hambukushu Traditional Authority is against the proposal to have the border between the Zambezi and Kavango East regions shifted into some parts of the Mukwe Constituency. 

The Hambukushu Traditional Authority was speaking on the sidelines of the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission's public consultations at Rundu.

It says the portion of Mukwe being suggested to be part of the Zambezi Region is their ancestral land.

During the public consultations, the Khwe people, however, requested to be part of the Zambezi Region. 

President Mbumba engages five TAs in Kavango East and West regions


President Nangolo Mbumba engaged leaders of all five traditional authorities in the Kavango East and West regions today.

The consultative meeting, which included representatives from Va Gciriku TA, Shambyu TA, Hambukushu TA, Va Mbunza TA, and Uukwangali TA, aimed to address key issues affecting the communities in the two regions, such as roads, clinics, networks, green schemes, and the restoration of the Mashare Agricultural College to its original function.

Health service delivery set to improve in Kavango East


The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, says service delivery in the Kavango East health directorate is set to improve with the allocation of more than N$217 million from the national budget. 

Dr. Shangula, who was speaking at the World Health Day celebrations in Rundu on Monday, says the Ministry of Health is undertaking various capital projects countrywide, and significant changes are expected to take place in Kavango East. 

These include ICU and dialysis-related services.

Rundu Magistrate's Court in disrepair


The Rundu Magistrate's Court has not been renovated for over a decade and is now in disrepair. 

The court is currently out of storage and office space. 

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs was informed about these concerns during a site visit.

Much of the Rundu Magistrate's Court in Kavango East is an assortment of peeling walls, various holes in the roof, and broken windows. 

Years have passed without any improvements to the building.

Government allocates N$2.8 million for regional memorial services


The government has allocated N$2.8 million to all 14 regions of the country towards the hosting of regional memorial services. 

Each region received N$200,000.

So far, the Oshana, Hardap, and Kunene regions have hosted their memorial services.

Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Kavango West Regions will host theirs on Wednesday, while Omusati and Kavango East memorial services will take place on Thursday.

Some of those who want to attend the late President Hage Geingob's funeral and memorial service are appealing to the government to provide transport.

About 15,000 households in Kavango East food insecure


Communities in Kayova Village within the Ndiyona Constituency in Kavango East celebrated a belated World Food Day.

The day aims to raise worldwide awareness and action for the elimination of hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition.

Statistics from the Office of the Prime Minister's Drought Relief Programme reveal that 15,000 households in Kavango East are food insecure.

The governor of the Kavango East region, Bonifatius Wakudumo, talks about families who lost their loved ones in the region due to suspected food poisoning.

Special schools needed in Kavango East and West regions


Member of Parliament Mathias Mbundu has tabled a motion calling for the urgent feasibility and establishment of specialised schools for the Kavango East and West regions.

Mbundu urged the assembly to unite in addressing the dire situation faced by the disabled community in the Kavango East and West regions.

He stressed that the commitment to dignity should extend to all Namibians, ensuring they can benefit from their constitutional rights without feeling excluded or forgotten.

Survey to determine prevalence of NTDs begins


A survey to determine the prevalence of trachoma, scabies, Guinea worm disease, and other selected neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in northern Namibia has begun.

The Kavango East and West and the Zambezi regions carry the highest burden of these diseases.

Namibia has identified eight NTDs, namely schistosomiasis, leprosy, rabies, trachoma, scabies, snakebite, and soil-transmitted helminths.

Phase two of Charlie Cutline Road upgrade announced


The Minister of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa, has announced phase two of the upgrade on the Charlie Cutline Road, 70 kilometres west of Rundu.

The second phase is set to run for six months, covering at least 35 kilometres at a cost of N$29.8 million.

The road connects the Kavango East, Kavango West, Oshikoto, and Ohangwena regions.

The second phase of the upgrade has already started, and it has so far covered 10 kilometres.

High Court to hold circuit sittings in Kavango East and Zambezi regions


The High Court will be holding circuit sittings in the Kavango East and Zambezi regions next month in an effort to bring justice closer to the people, alleviate the load of criminal cases on the courts, and make the presence of the superior courts felt.

The High Court, in accordance with the High Court Act, has two designated sittings: the main division in Windhoek and a local division in Oshakati.

The Judge President, however, has the right to authorise sittings of the High Court elsewhere in Namibia if deemed necessary in the interest of justice.