Zambezi residents advised to acquire national documents to vote


Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has advised residents in the Zambezi Region to acquire national documents in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections in November this year.

Sophia Shaningwa said this at a Swapo rally at Kanono in the Sibbinda Constituency.

She emphasised the need to acquire identification documents for those without, saying not only is it important for citizens to be able to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election in November, but that it also gives them access to various government services.

Maputa village residents in need of national documents


The Secretary General of the Swapo Party, Sophia Shaningwa, is calling for the distribution of national documents to the inhabitants of Maputa village in Bwabwata, Mukwe constituencies, Kavango East Region. 

This was said at a party's mini-rally held in Maputa village on Saturday.

When their village was declared a war zone before independence, the community of Maputa fled to neighbouring countries for refuge and only returned after independence. 

This, they say, has been a challenge that has resulted in them not getting national documents. 

Outreach programme for national document distribution launched in Kavango East Region


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security started with its outreach programme for the distribution of national documents in the Kavango East Region.

The programme aims to issue a national document to people in outlying areas who face challenges travelling to Rundu for services. 

The first outreach programme for 2024 started on February 19th and ended on March 4th.

Statelessness persists at Musese Constituency


Over 3,000 people in the Musese Constituency, Kavango West Region, are without national documents, and the community is pleading for help.

Lack of documentation, they say, deprives them and their children of government services.

During the regional council community meeting at Musese Constituency, Councillor Kosmos Katura stated that he is aware of the challenge and that his office will work with officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs to find a solution.

Russell Kwizera's national documents revoked


The Windhoek High Court has revoked the national documents of a man who was born 22 years ago at the Otjiwarango State Hospital.

High Court Judge Boas Usiku has dismissed with costs an application in which a 22-year-old man born in Namibia to Burundian refugee parents wanted the court to order the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security to grant him a Namibian passport.

Russell Kwizera’s parents entered Namibia in 2000 and applied for refugee status; at the time of their son’s birth in 2002, they had not yet acquired refugee status.