Child abuse is under-reported - Heather Hacker


Despite Namibia having robust child protection laws and policies, child abuse is not widely reported and remains a significant challenge, says Children's Advocate Heather Hacker.

There's a growing recognition of widespread child abuse and the risks children face from adults in positions of trust.

Violence threatens children's safety and well-being, and its persistence could potentially lead to the acceptance of physical, sexual, and psychological violence as an inevitable part of childhood, hindering effective resolution of these critical issues.

OPM rolls out drought relief programme


The Office of the Prime Minister has announced the rollout of the comprehensive drought relief programme, providing food assistance and livestock support to affected subsistence farmers across all 14 regions.

The programme is in response to the findings of the Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Report for 2023–2024, which reveal alarming findings.

According to the report, Namibia has been grappling with below-normal and sporadic rainfall, resulting in flash floods and dry spells that severely impact crop yields and livestock.

|Khomanin clan fights to preserve their heritage


The ǂNūkhoe, in their relentless pursuit to preserve their cultural heritage, unveiled the long-awaited grave of Ouma Amalia |Hones. 

The gravesite signifies the historical existence of the |Khomanin clan of the ǂNūkhoe people.

The gravesite, located east of Havana, was found in 2018, and subsequently, the chief of the |Khomanin clan and the |Honen family members were notified.

Ouma Amalia |Hones was born in 1891 and was buried in 1963.

|Hones' grave signifies the existence of |Khomanin people in the modern-day Windhoek area, originally known as |Khomas.

NAC evicts Menzies Aviation


The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) has evicted Menzies Aviation from the Hosea Kutako International Airport, and according to Paragon, the situation is under control and flights are departing normally since it took over ground handling services at the airport.

The Namibian Airports Company issued a statement notifying stakeholders about the eviction of Menzies Aviation from the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Namibia's oil, gas discoveries key in attracting foreign investors


When promoting Namibia to the world as an alluring international investment destination, the discovery of oil and gas, the green hydrogen project, and crucial minerals are some of the noteworthy major developments.

The Mines and Energy Minister at the just-ended Oil and Gas Conference commended the collective efforts of those involved in promoting Namibia's investment potential, particularly acknowledging President Hage Geingob for intensifying the country's international profile.

Cuban Embassy celebrates Fidel Castro


The Cuban Embassy in Namibia celebrated the birthday of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro at the Fidel Castro Ruz Primary School in Windhoek.

The event was also meant to celebrate the relationship between Namibia and Cuba as well as recognise the role that Cuba played during the country's liberation struggle for independence.

The Cuban Ambassador, Sergio Vigao de la Uz, talked to the learners about the perseverance of Fidel Castro Ruz as a way to inspire them.